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(18.AUG.2011): B2N Introduces Extreme Hi - Performance Data Contributor

London, UK, Cambridge, MA, and HK China, August 18th, 2011 – B2N Ltd. is delighted to announce a new Hi-Performance Excel Contributor named “Enterprise Excel Publisher”. It is an improved new generation software solution, providing extraordinarily high performance.

“The Enterprise Edition is a new generation Excel Publisher which provides astonishingly fast data rates on commodity hardware.” - commented Vasko Tomanov from B2N.

B2N’s Enterprise Excel Publisher achieves even greater performance and accommodates scalability when used with the latest multi-core hardware platforms as B2N makes sure all available CPUs/cores are utilized properly.

This solution enables financial professionals to share specific calculations, charts, and other information from their Excel spreadsheets with others inside and outside their firm with large volumes and very low latency figures.
Additionally the data can be pushed in third party platforms e.g. Thomson-Reuters etc.

For further details please email to sales@b2net.net.