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  • (06.MAY.2013) B2N – B2N revamps its Interactive Data PlusFeed adapter enabling OrderBook

(06.MAY.2013) B2N – B2N revamps its Interactive Data PlusFeed adapter enabling OrderBook

B2N, today announced their new solution that consumes native Mt.Gox/BTC/Bitcoin real-time data feed. The data can be consumed using B2N’s MarketHub platform and/or all major third party platforms on the market (including RMDS) using the large number of already existing B2N adapters.

Data delivered includes BBO/L1 and Order Book/L2, either separately or merged in one stream. Clients can choose from three flavours of Order Book/L2 delivery:

  • FLAT aggregated by price.
  • FULL aggregated by price
  • FULL order by order

The feed is delivered locally to the customers and can be distributed to Desktops and to Servers to satisfy the needs of market data professionals and applications. MarketHub WorkStation can be used together with a hi-performance Excel Adapter supporting 32bit and 64bit platforms. The API supports Java/C/C++/C #/.Net/VB/VBA/COM/Python on Windows/Linux/Solaris 32bit & 64bit.

“Once the data is made available inside the MarketHub world the customers can benefit from the rich set of modules available off-the shelf from B2N covering many different requirements: from data management and delivery to trading applications and historical solutions” – commented Vasko Tomanov, Technology Fellow at B2N.

Feed aggregation, consolidation, filtering, remapping, blending and CEP functionality together with data permissioning and usage reporting are also built-in to the solution.